Compassion to Brussels people (0)

Paskelbta 2016 Kovo 22 d.

Dear, EUROMIL collective, Dear President,

Our association expressing compassion to Brussels people and to all EUROMIL collective. We were shocked when we heard the last news about the new bombings in Europe in European Union capital in the Brussels International airport and this metro station. Reacting to these Brussels bombings in the Lithuania there were applied additional security measures in the Airport in Vilnius. We are against the terrorism and we support Lithuanian and our partners in Europe ongoing antiterrorist actions, which are applied by our Governments. We hope that the Europe will find the treatment, which will help us to fight against this “European cancer” (Terrorism). Once again, I want to stress, that we support EUROMIL colleagues and the people in Brussels.

Sincerely, Laimonas Jakas President of social institution "Soldiers Rghts Defence Center"

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